HSC Result; HSC BM; Alim Diploma in Commerce result all in one
HSC Results

HSC Results

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HSC Result; HSC BM; Alim Diploma in Commerce result all in one

As-salamu Alaikum. This post is about HSC Result; HSC BM; Alim Diploma in Commerce result all in one HSC Result and HSC BM Result, Alim Result, Diploma in Commerce result, and equivalent examination result in Bangladesh. Students and other people can get hsc result, hsc bm result, alim result, diploma in commerce result and other year examination result from here very easy inshallah. HSC Result, HSC BM result (Business Management result, Alim Result, Diploma in commerce result is most important in Bangladesh.

As a result, I have created this post for the same type of students and other people. It is a first-speed, easy system website for all before this website was slow. For these reasons, this website has solved the problem for people. All skills and non-skill persons can browse this website to check their results. Students can get these exam results by mobile SMS (Short Message Service) and online results by websites.

They can get their Result, HSC ResultHSC BM Result, Alim Result, Diploma in Commerce result, and equivalent examination result in Bangladesh by education board official website or other websites. I hope that this post will be helpful, useful for people inshallah. Please see the description Result, HSC ResultHSC BM Result, Alim Result, Diploma in Commerce result, and equivalent examination result in Bangladesh.

HSC Result; HSC BM; Alim Diploma in Commerce result all in one
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  3. How to get HSC or equivalent results Online?
  4. Which website is best to check HSC Results?
  5. What are the rules to get this result for the online result publication system?
  6. What are the rules to get this result for the Mobile SMS result publication system?
  7. How to possible to get a result by mobile SMS or online result publication system?
  8. How to check HSC to result from the Education board result?

Number of Hsc examination Boys, Girls, Institute and Education Board of Bangladesh

Total HSC Exam institute of Bangladesh :2541
Total Attended Students for HSC Examination :13,11,457
Boys Students Number6,67, 481
Girls Students Number6,43,007
Total Education Board of Bangladesh10

How to get HSC, HSC BM Result, Alim Result, Diploma in commerce result from online : 

There is two hsc result checking system in Bangladesh. One HSC Result checking system is an Online result checking system. Moreover, Mobile SMS HSC result Checking system. It has some opportunities and some problems. But both system is the latest result checking system. If any person wants to check hsc, hsc bm, alim and diploma in commerce result by online, has need computer, laptop, tablet computer and android mobile phone.

And he has must need an internet connection. But he can get an hsc result or other result with the number or full mark sheet. But not possible to get the hsc result and another result by mobile SMS system. For these reasons, online result checking is very popular for all people.

Most students are following these rules. Students can use both systems too. How to get hsc and other result checks online? Please see the instruction for the hsc result and other result publication systems in Bangladesh.

  1. First of all, visit the website to get the hsc result.
  2. Next, go to the resulting iframe
  3. Select your education board in Bangladesh.
  4. And Select your HSC Examination year of passing.
  5. Now type your examination board roll number in the iframe.
  6. Then type the registration number of your education board.
  7. And then fill in the captcha code.
  8. Now submit your information.
  9. If you want to print your result sheet with a mark sheet, please Press Ctrl + P to print your Full mark sheet.

Example of HSC online result checking system in Bangladesh—

The students are following these rules to get their exam results. Inshallah, it will be helpful and useful for them.

Education Board: Dhaka

Examination Year: 20–

Examination Roll Number: 123456

Registration Number of Examination: 1234567890

Fill in the Captcha Code : Like 8 + 4 = 12

Now click on submit button to get the result

Or you can see this structure : Go to HSC Result Iframe

Education Board
 Examination Year
Registration Number
Examination Roll Number
Captcha Code
8 + 4 = 12

After Fill in this form now click submit to get your hsc examination result.

GPA of HSC result, HSC BM Result, Alim Result, Diploma in commerce result:

There are three passing system in Bangladesh. There are –

  • Pass system
  • GPA (Grade Point Average) system
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) system

1. Passing System of Bangladesh Scale in Bangladesh :

80 %100 %Board Stand
60 %79 %First Division
45 %59 %Second Division
33 %44 %Third Division
0 %32 %Fail

2. GPA (Grade Point Average) system in Bangladesh.

80 %100 %A+5.00Board Stand
70 %79 %A4.00First Division
60 %69 %A-3.5First Division
50 %59 %B3.00Second Division
40 %49 %C2.00From 45 % and Under 60 % is second division
33 %39 %D1.00Third Division
0 %32 %Fail0.00Failed Division

3. CGPA ( Cumulative Grade Point Average ) System of Bangladesh.

Exam Mark fromToPointGradeClassification
80100%4.00A+Board Stand
75793.75AFirst Division
70743.50A-First Division
65693.25B+First Division
60643.00BFirst Division
55592.75B-Second Division
50542.50C+Second Division
45492.25CSecond Division
40442.00DThird Division
0.00390.00FailNot promoted

How to get HSC Result by mobile SMS (Short Message Service).

Students can get their hsc exam result by mobile sms system. This education board result publication system is very easy. Anyone can get his result from anywhere, anytime very easily in a few times. But they cannot see the full mark with number wise. They can see their pass and failed result by mobile sms system.

Then they can get their hsc result and other result print sheet with full marksheet or number wise from online from any online shop. They do not need internet connection and other devices. And they do not need any experience for it. How to get their hsc result by mobile sms system. Please following under this instruction about hsc result. You can see this instruction carefully.

  • At first go to your mobile sms option.
  • Then write,  HSC <First Three letter of your education board < Space > Roll Number < Space> Year of passing and send to this number 16222.
  • Please see the under example about hsc result –
  • Example : HSC DHA 123456 20– and send this message to this number of 16222 and wait a few minute.

Short Codes of HSC Result Education in Bangladesh :

The student can Get hsc result by short code. If he want get his result by mobile sms he must to know that under this short code for his board how has participated education in Bangladesh. Nobody can not get his result with under code. So, it is very useful code for hsc result sms formula. Please see the structure about hsc board code of hsc all education examination board in Bangladesh.

Name of Education Board1st Three Letters of Education board
Rajshahi Education Board, RajshahiRAJ
Chittagong Education Board, ChittagongCHI
Dhaka Education Board, DhakaDHA
Barisal Education Board, BarishalBAR
Comilla Education Board, ComillaCOM
Khulna Education Board, KhulnaKHU
Dinajpur Education Board, DinajpurDIN
Jessore Education Board, JessoreJES
Sylhet Education Board, SylhetSYL
Madrashah Education Board, Dhaka, BangladeshMAD
Bangladesh Techincal Education BoardTEC

Mobile SMS Structure For Board Wise—

HSC Result for Rajshahi Education Board :

SMS Format : HSC <Space> First Three Letter of Education board  <Space> Examination Roll Number <Space> Examination Year and sent this number  –  16222

Example : HSC RAJ 123456 20– and send to 16222

HSC Examination Result For The Board of Dhaka Education Board :

Message Format : HSC <Space> 1st  3 Letter of Education Board <Space> Roll Number of Examination <Space> Examination Year and send to – 16222

Example : HSC DHA 654321 20– >>>        16222

SMS Format for the Education Board of Chittagong :

Write HSC < > 3 Letters of Education Board < > HSC Exam Roll Number < > Passing Year of HSC. Then send to 16222

Example : HSC CHI 564231 20– >>>>>>> 16222

Mobile SMS Format of HSC Examination Result Barisal Education Board :

Now write               HSC (Space) First 3 Letter of Board (Space) Type your Board Roll Number (Space) Passing Year. Then Send to this number 16222

Example of this message :  HSC BAR 235621 20– Now send to             16222 number.

HSC Result SMS Format about Comilla Education Board of Bangladesh :

At first go to your mobile SMS option and write like under this format—

HSC <Space> First Three Letter of Your Education Board < Space > Your Exam Roll Number <Space> Your Examination Year Now send to >>>> 16222

Example : HSC COM 456123 20– and send to 16222

Jessore Education Board HSC Result SMS Format :

First of all go to the mobile SMS (Short Message Service) Option. And write Same Format—

HSC {Space} Primary Three Letter of Your Education Board {Space} Your Exam Roll Number  {Space} Your Exam Year and send >>> 16222

Rules : HSC JES 123456 20– send 16222

Khulna Education Board HSC Exam result Mobile SMS Format :

Go to your mobile SMS Option. Then Write—

HSC <space> 1st 3 letter of your board  <space> Your exam roll number < space > Your passing year and send 16222

Example : HSC KHU 654321 20–

Dinajpur education board of Bangladesh SMS Format  :

At first, go to your mobile SMS option then write—

HSC <Space> Three first letters of HSC Education board <Space> Type your HSC Examination Roll Number <Space> and type your examination as for example –  20– then send to 16222

Example: HSC DIN 123456 20– and send to 16222 and wait a few minutes for the back massage.

Mobile SMS formula for a board of Mymensingh education, Bangladesh

First of all, open your mobile SMS option for send SMS to check your hsc result and write—

HSC <Space> 1st three letters of your hsc education board name <Space> here type the exam roll number of your examination board <Space> your examination year of passing.

HSC MYM 123456 20– and send to this number 20– and wait a few minutes for a return message with your hsc result.

Sylhet education board, Bangladesh hsc result SMS format :

Go to your handset SMS option and write like under according to this format—

Example of Mobile SMS for exam result—

Write HSC {Space} HSC board name first three letters of your education board {Space} the exam roll number of your education board {Space} and write your examination year of passing and send to >>> 16222


HSC SYL 123456 20– and sent to this number >>> 16222

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Some Board wise Description about HSC Result in Bangladesh :

1. Rajshahi Education Board: HSC Result

There are many education boards in Bangladesh for hsc level. Rajshahi Education Board is one of them. It is a Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. And there is some popular education board in Bangladesh. Rajshahi Education Board is one of them.

And many students are studying here. And successful passing students are many too. Its hsc result pass rate was 77.54 percent last year. This education board is independent. This education board started its operation in the year of 1961. 2.

Dhaka Education Board: HSC Result :

Dhaka education board is one of the most popular hsc result education boards of Bangladesh. And most big people are studying here. And its hsc result and another result passing status are good. Dhaka Education Board is one of the most popular Secondary and Higher Secondary Education boards. The location board is Bakshibazar, Dhaka. Its address—13, 14 Joynag Road, Dhaka. Post Code is 1211.

The Dhaka education board has established on 7 May 1921. The Bangla Meaning of a board is Madhomik and Uschomadhomik Education Board, Dhaka. This education board control intermediate colleges, high schools, madrasah, primary schools. And the responsibility of the intermediate education board was given to a board from the university in 1961.

And this board has been named the board of intermediate. In addition, secondary education, Dhaka education board has dissolved in 1947, September by government order and, its name changed to East Bengal Secondary Board in 1955. It was live till 1961.

Board wise official website for all education board of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Education Board, Dhaka 
Rajshahi Education Board, Rajshahiwww.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
Chittagong Education Board, Chittagongwww.bise-ctg.gov.bd
Sylhet Education Board, Sylhetwww.educationboardresults.gov.bd
Comilla Education Board, Comillawww.comillaboard.gov.bd
Barisal Educaion Board, Barishal 
Jessore Education Board, Jessore 
Dinajpur Education Board, Dinajpurwww.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd
Mymensingh Education Board, Mymensingh 
Bangladesh Madrashah Education Board, Dhakabmeb.gov.bd
Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhakabteb.gov.bd
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