What is keyboard

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What is the keyboard? Description About keyboard

Answer:  Keyboard is one of the input devices of the computer. Most of the information is entered into the computer through the computer keyboard. Also, all the work of creating the program is done through the keyboard.

What is keyboard
What is keyboard

How many types of keyboards and what are they? There are two main types of keyboards.

Such as –

1. Parallel keyboard

2. Serial keyboard How many types of boards depending on the manufacturer?

A: There are two common types of keyboards depending on the manufacturer.

1. IBM compatible keyboard

2. Apple keyboard How many types of IBM-compatible keyboards?

A: There are three common types of IBM-compatible keyboards. For example

1. XT keyboard with 83 buttons

2. It is a keyboard with 84 buttons

3. Dead keyboard There are now 104 keyboard keyboards on the market.

And there are different types of keys for writing on the keyboard. E.g.- a) Typing key b) Cursor key c) Numeric key d) Function key e) Text key f) Special key

What is the function of the keyboard?

A: The keyboard communicates with the computer through a sequential or serial interface. A sequential port on a computer is used for this purpose. A 5-6 pin DIN attachment is used to attach to the keyboard. This connector is a special combination of 8-bit width data and a termination initiator.

Just as the keyboard has a microprocessor inside the keyboard to manage the work, so the computer has a “key control chip” to oversee the keyboard work. For example

1. In addition, the chip inside the keyboard determines what pressure is applied.

2. The keyboard’s control chip then saves the keyboard associated with the key in the buffer and sends the instructions to the computer with the keyboard cable.

3. The keyboard controller reads the input face I / O keyboard assigned to the keyboard and scans and converts the key code based on the design of the keyboard.

4. At least, the computer notifies the presence of a single scan code via keyboard controller, then BIOS 9 interrupts. The BIOS assumes all control from this stage.

What is computer definition

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