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Nu result

At first, Nu result; National University is one of the most important examination result systems in Bangladeshi for graduate-level students and other students. As a result, the students can complete their preferred course from here. As a result, I have created this post about the National University result for the types of students. There are many courses in this result system.

There are 3-years Degree pass courses, degree-professional courses, degree-private courses; 4-year honors courses, honors general courses, honors professional courses, honors private-course, 1-year master’s courses for 4-year honors courses students, 2-years masters courses for degree pass course, master professional courses, masters and another short and broad courses.

In addition, all courses are available to the nu exam result publish system. The National results have been publishing their website. Students can get their results from the national university’s official website from their results to publish date. As a result, there is more this type result publish websites too.

As a result, they can check their results from these sites. The students can get the nu result to result in a publishing system. Firstly is the offline result publishing system. And secondly, students can get their nu result by mobile SMS (Short Message Service). Moreover, the no. 2 nu result publishing system is an online result publishing system.

However, both nu result-publishing systems better result in publishing systems in Bangladeshi students. Students will get their nu result very simply from here and mobile SMS by reading this post about the nu result. Therefore, you can see this description. Nu result publishing system by mobile SMS and online result publishing system by the website.

Nu Result – Bangladesh

Students are questioned about the National University result. For example –

How to get the nu result?

How to check nu result by website?

When is this result’s publish date?

How many result publishing systems are in Bangladesh?

How can I check the national university result by website?

What is the easy result publishing system?

How to do possible it and much more?

The Nu result By online or website :

Click here for Nu Results

This result publishing system is the best result publishing system in Bangladesh. Because students can get their results with full mark sheet and, with their subject mark or number by subject. And you can print their mark sheet with numbers or marks.

They can get the nu result by smartphone or smartphone mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, and another device. As a result, the online result publishing system is very favorite and most popular among Bangladeshi students. So, you can get your results by website iframe and see the rules to get a result.

How to get Nu Results? Please see the under description about nu result online.

Nu Result: Nu result archive

At first, go to the resulting iframe.

Moreover, click on your education course.

The course result system will be open.

Then type the examination registration number of your education board.

At first, type your roll number.

Secondly, select or type your examination year.

And fill up the captcha code or security code.

Now click on the search result option and Waite a few minutes.

When you open the result with full-mark-sheets you can print this result by android smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer if you have any printer and connected with your device.

But if you do have no a printer, you can print your mark sheet with the number from any online shop.

Get Nu result From Here

nu result
nu result
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Students can get their nu result by mobile SMS (Short Message Service). They can their results very few times by mobile SMS system. Therefore, it is the best result publishing system. They can see a pass or fail result only.

Also its opportunities are they can check their result any type of mobile SMS from anywhere, any time. No need computer or laptop and printer to check their examination result. Its result check method is simple. As a result, everybody can get the result by mobile SMS system. It is a very easy result publish system.

How to get your nu result by mobile SMS? Please see the description of SMS rules.

Go to your mobile SMS option. Then write this under the system – For degree.

You can get the degree result by mobile SMS. If you want to check your nu result, you just need to the following system. You must see these rules to get the result in mobile SMS.

As for example:

nu < Space >deg< Space > reg and send to 16222

As for Example : nu deg 1234561232 and send to 16222

Then write this under the system – For honors the first year.

NU < space > H1 < Space > Roll or REG number and then send to 16222

As for example : NU H1 123456 or 123456123 and after send to 16222 number.

Write this system – For honors 2nd year.

NU < Space > H2 < Space > Roll or REG and sent it now 16222

As for example of this SMS result system :

NU H2 123456 or 123456123 and send to it on 16222

If you want to check your nu honors 3rd-year examination result from nu result publishing systems go to your mobile SMS option and write under this same system –

A, for example, NU < Space > H3 < Space > Roll or Registration number and then you can send to this number – 16222

Write this system – For honours 2nd year.

Write this system – For honors 2nd year.

NU < Space > H2 < Space > Roll or REG and sent it now 16222

As for example of this SMS result system :

NU H2 123456 or 123456123 and send to it on 16222

If you want to check nu honors 3rd-year examination result from nu results publish system go to your mobile SMS option and write under the same system. 

As for example, NU < Space > H3 < Space > Roll or Registration number and then you can send to this number – 16222

An example of this result publishing system is –

NU H3 654321 or 6543215562 after then send it this number 16222

Dear visitors, if you want to get a national university result for honors 4th-year result or final year result by your mobile SMS, at first, you go to your mobile create message option. And write the same system under given bellow.

NU < Space > H4 < Space > Roll or Registration Number then send to this number – 16222

For example – NU H4 987654 or 98765412365 and send to this number 16222 and wait a few minutes to back the result SMS such is you want to see. 

CGPA of National University Result: Please see the information on the CGPA system.

Nu result system is not a GPA system. As a result, a CGPA system student can ask me what CGPA. Or what is the meaning of CGPA? There are three grading systems and a 1-passing system of the national university result. The grading systems are a GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade point Average). And another system is passing.

But GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA are very popular in Bangladesh. GPA level in PSC (Primary School Certificate), JSC (Junior School Certificate), JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate), SSC (Secondary School Certificate), HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate), and dakhil, Alim, SSC Vocational, HSC Business Management, etc. Moreover, CGPA level is Degree, Honors, Masters, Diploma in Engineering in Bangladesh, and the passing system is Degree, Honors, Masters, Fadil, and Diploma in Engineering level in Bangladesh. It was before time. 

Struction of this CGPA: Please you can see the structure according to the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

At first, you can see the structure about national university result CGPA under given below :

80100A+4.00First Division
7579A3.75First Division
7074A- (Minus)3.50First Division
6569B+3.25First Division
6064B3.00First Division
5559B-2.75Second Division
5054C+2.50Second Division
4549C2.25Second Division
4044D2.00Third Division

This chart to CGPA System for the nu result 

Available Sections and Subjects of courses to NU Result. There are many sections in the nu result. For example –

The Degree Levels: There is a minimum of three courses at the degree level. There are –

Firstly, Degree Pass Course,

Secondly, Professional Course

Thirdly, Degree Private any other short course about the professional subject.

The Honors Levels: There are three courses and other courses at the Honours level. There are –

Firstly, Honours General Courses

Secondly, Honors Private Level

Thirdly, Honors Professional Level

The Master’s Levels: There are three courses or more courses at the Master’s level. There are-

Firstly, Master’s Private Level

Secondly, Master’s Professional Level

Thirdly, Master’s General Level

* Subjects to these courses are available in a degree course, Honours courses, master’s course, and other courses.

Arts Level: History, Social Science, Geography, Bangla, English, Political Science, Social Work, Philosophy etc, are the level of the arts.

Commerce Level: All commercial subjects (Accounting, Banking, Insurance, etc.)

 Science Level: Moreover, the Cemetery, Botany, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Geology, and other subjects.

Duration above course in Bangladesh. Please see the description about course Duration’s to General Degree Level, Honors Level, Master’s Level, etc.

Course Durations about Degree Level: Also this course is a 3-years pass course system in Bangladesh and a one-year short course. Moreover, it has a final examination per year. I mean that degree 1st year, degree 2nd year, and degree 3rd. Also, just need to pass for these years. These courses are available to the Nu result system.

Course Duration about Honors Level: On the other hand, 4-year course duration for honors-level in Bangladesh. There are – Honours for the first year, honors the second year, honors the third year, and honors 4th year. We can speak honors first semester, honors the second semester, honors the third semester, and honors 4th semester. Moreover, it has a final examination and must need to pass for every year. 

Course Duration to Master’s Level: There is a two-course duration system for the Masters’s level. 

At first, 1 Year master’s course duration: This course duration is not a short course. 3-year Degree level students cannot get admission by this type of course.

Secondly, two years master’s course duration: The 3-year degree level students can get admission by these courses. As a result, they have must need successfully pass master’s 1-year. 

At last, dear visitor, thank you very much for visiting my post about the nu result. I hope that this post will be helpful to you and other people. At last, I want people to get national versity result here and another result from another post.

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