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SSC result

SSC result
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SSC result

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As you know, this post is about the SSC result. We use different websites to find out these results. I am creating such a website for you. So you can easily find out your desired test results very easy. 

These results are provided by various education boards. Such as Dhaka Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Chittagong Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Dinajpur Education Board, Sylhet Education Board, Mymensingh Education Board, Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, SSC Vocational Education Board or, Bangladesh Technical Education Board. 

SSC result
SSC result

The above boards of education arrange their scheduled examinations every year and give the results of those examinations. The result of these tests is short by the result from their own website from Bangladesh. These results are published by the government. 

These results are published in two ways. Firstly (via mobile SMS and secondly online. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. However, both are good. Each has its own advantages.

People ask?

 1. How to get SSC results?

2. How to get SSC and other results very easily?

3. When will these results come out?

4. How can I get results through mobile SMS?

5. How to quickly get test results online?

How to get SSC results and other results on mobile:

Mobile media can be found in a very short time and at a very fast speed and other results can be extracted. Now people have mobiles in their hands. As a result, they can find out their desired results very quickly. So it has been a groundbreaking advantage.

As a result, it has become very easy for people to get SSC and other results. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting results by mobile. For example, this result can be found very quickly. But it only shows the pass or fails and how many grades or points it has got. However, it does not show the result in any subject (Subject). Below we will discuss how to get results by mobile.

SSC Short Code for mobile SMS:

If you want to get the result through mobile SMS, you must know the short code number of the board. Without this code number, there is no chance to find out the test results. It is very important to know this code. So board based codes were written. So that students can easily view the data and find out the test results.

Board NameFirst Three Letters of Your Education Board
Dhaka Education BoardDHA
Chittagang Education BoardCHI
Rajshahi Education BoardRAJ
Barishal Education BoardBAR
Comilla Education BoardCOM
Jessore Education BoardJES
Dinajpur Education BoardDIN
Sylhet Education BoardSYL
Mymensingh Education BoardMYM
Madrasah Education BoardMAD
Bangladesh Technical Education BoardTEC

How to find out SSC results online: 

SSC and other exam results can also be found online. It has special features that are not available through mobile. That is, detailed information is available on how many marks the student has got in any subject. But on mobile, you can only see the pass or fail and the total number of points or grades. 

The downside, however, is that it takes a smartphone to get them out, or a computer, laptop, or tablet. Or you can see this result from a shop that works online. 

However, another advantage is that by looking at the result online, if there is any problem in the result, it can be known and the result can be applied to the board for verification and selection.

How to view SSC results online: 

First, you have to enter online. Then you have to enter the website of the given board of education. However, if you do not know the website address of the board, then you have to search by typing the SSC result. As a result, URLs of different websites will come up. Then you have to enter any website. 

After entering, go to the resulting iframe and write as follows: 

First, you have to select the name of the test. 1. Then you have to select the year of examination. 2. Then you have to select the board. 3. You have to write your roll number. 4. You have to enter your registration number. 5. Fill in the captcha code. 6. Click on the submit button to get the result.

Education Boards of SSC Result: 

Below is some information about SSC and other (other) education boards: 

1. Dhaka Board of Education: 

Dhaka Board of Education is a self-regulated board of education. They do the work of this board themselves. Arrange the examinations every year and also the results and types of examinations. They arrange the JSC, SSC, and HSC examinations and also publish the results. The name of this board is Dhaka. Post Code: 1211. This Board of Education was established on May 7, 1921. 2.

2. Rajshahi Board of Education: 

Rajshahi Board of Education was established in 1961. It is also a unique institution. They arrange JSC, SSC, HSC, etc. examinations themselves. Like other education boards, the results of this board of education are also good. It is also the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahi 

3. Chittagong Board of Education:  

Chittagong Board of Education or Chittagong Board of Education was formed in 1995. These education boards control their own boards. This Board of Education is located in the southeast corner of Bangladesh. They also take HSC, SSC, JSC, and other exams and arrange the results. 

SSC Exam Result

4. Comilla Board of Education: 

Comilla Board of Education is a self-regulated Board of Education. This Board of Education was established in 1962. Their students’ pass rate is also good. The Board of Education is located north of the Chittagong Board and southeast of the Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. It is one of the old education boards. 

5. Barisal Board of Education:

In addition, the Barisal Board of Education is located on the west side of the Comilla Board of Education and on the south side of Bangladesh. This Board of Education is an independent Board of Education. Along with other boards of education, they take SSC, JSC, HSC, and other exams and give results. 

6. Jessore Board of Education:

Aboard like Jessore Board of Education and other boards and they themselves control their institutions. This Board of Education is located in the westernmost part of Bangladesh. They also take the above test shots and come up with the results. 

7. Dinajpur Board of Education: 

Dinajpur Board of Education is located in the north of Bangladesh. A Dinajpur Board of Education is an independent board of education.

8. Sylhet Board of Education: 

Sylhet Board of Education is a separate board of education like other boards of education. This Board of Education is located in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. This Board of Education consists of four districts. Such as- Sylhet, Habiganj, Sunamganj, Brahmanbaria. It also publishes SSC results, HSC results, JSC results, and other results like other boards of education. 

9. Mymensingh Board of Education Result

Mymensingh Board of Education is one of the newest education boards in Bangladesh. This education board also consists of the Sylhet education board consisting of four districts. For Examples are, Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Kishoreganj, and Sherpur districts. This Board of Education is located in the northern part of Bangladesh.

Lastly, thanks to all the website visitors for visiting this website. If this post will be useful for you. If so then inshallah I will be happy and joyful. Thanks.

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